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About APRIL Group
APRIL Group is one of the largest, most technologically advanced and efficient makers of pulp and paper products in the world.

APRIL Group's operations are centred around its mill located in the town of Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau Province, Sumatra.

Founded in 1993, APRIL Group's corporate purpose is to improve people's lives through sustainable management of natural resources.

It means that our business thrives because it cares for the people who depend on it and the environment on which it depends.

Its founder, Sukanto Tanoto, phrases this as "good business is about what's good for the community, country, climate, customer and company - only then will it be sustainable. It is our core belief"

APRIL Group's Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP 2.0) governs how it manages its natural resources for optimal social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Launched in June 2015, the SFMP 2.0 is an updated version of our original 2014 Sustainable Forest Management Policy and includes significant new commitments.

Among them is a commitment to eliminate deforestation from our supply chain, and only develop areas not forested, as identified through independent peer-reviewed High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments.

Critically, we will not establish a new pulp mill until we are certain that it can be 100% plantation-supply reliant. Equally and critically, all our suppliers are required to comply with our SFMP.

APRIL Group Products

Office Paper

APRIL Group's premium, flagship PaperOne range features superior opacity, and multi-directional and dual-sided printability, and together with a wide range of other cut-size brands, satisfies every printing requirement.

Designed for the most demanding printing and copying tasks, PaperOne products are PEFC-certified and adhere to the highest and most stringent quality control, guaranteed to deliver consistent professional printing quality with minimal environmental impact.

Printing & Publishing Paper

APRIL Group's Printing & Publishing Paper products offers  better productivity, higher printing speed, less press stoppages and reduced make-ready time.

Printers, publishers and converters choose to use our products to save ink, reduce press rejects and increase blanket life.

Digital Paper

APRIL Group's Digital Paper products  offer the best reading experience with exceptional optical qualities in terms of opacity, shade and brightness.

Featuring accurate and consistent print registration with excellent colour reproduction, our Digital Paper products  provides consistent 2 sided printing quality for modern high speed roll and sheet fed presses.

Our Digital Paper products are enhanced with ProDigi TM HD Print Technology to save up to 18% of ink use while providing smudge free printouts with vibrant colours and crisp lines.

PaperOne Story

"Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary"
By the architects' imagination and hand, the skyscrapers that dominate any majestic skyline start out as doodles, before being mapped out with crisp lines on sharp blueprints, and finally built to inspire all who inhabit and pass through those spaces.

Countless notes are scribbled and played by trial and error before masterpieces are created and heard the world over. That is why smudge free musical scores are music to musicians' ears, enchanting listeners with their beautiful compositions.

Whether it is clinching that important business deal, typing the knot with the love of your life, or celebrating the birth of a newborn, commemorate each and every precious moment and look back upon them fondly in vibrant colours.

The road to success is often filled with detours, which is why on this long journey, having the ability to get more mileage out of your printouts is beneficial. When the paper you print on saves ink, your ideas are that much closer to being realized.

We owe it to the precious resources bestowed upon us by nature in order to have the canvases we need to produce our best work. Now, more than ever, it is important to use products made from sustainable sources that are responsible towards our environment.

PaperOne, providing you with professional print quality every step of the way to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Since its launch in 1998, PaperOne has grown to be the preferred paper of choice sold in over 70 countries.

Basic Information of April International Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.:-

Nature of Business

Manufacturer & Supplier

Year of Establishment


Company Branches

01 (Hyderabad)

No. of Employees


Monthly Production Capacity

1.15 million tons of paper and 2.8 million tons of pulp per year.

Production Type


No. of Production Units

3 Paper mills in China, Indonesia and Malaysia

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3rd Floor, Megana Towers, Ayyappa Society Road, Madhapur,, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500081, India